Capture The Museum

A live-action, multiplayer game for museum spaces. Let the battle commence!

Originally an R&D project exploring ways to inspire more confident exploration of the building and deeper engagement with the exhibits, Capture debuted at National Museums Scotland and is now available to tour.

The game was an early proponent of the ‘experience economy’, inviting millennials to take ownership of the museum, test their knowledge and connect with friends.

National Museums Scotland

Multiplayer gameserver

Creative Director
(Thought Den)

Two rival clans battle to claim sections of museum territory by interacting with exhibits to earn highscores. As players roam the museum space, a mobile app provides real-time territory updates. After 50 fast and furious minutes the clan with the most territories is crowned the winner.

Inspired by collecting colourful pies (cheese?) in Trivial Pursuit, and of course Capture the Flag, this game brings drama, ceremony and competition to the gallery. Content is managed via a CMS, location either through iBeacons or QR codes and there’s even scope to generate revenue by charging players.

Capture The Museum is an innovative, active and highly social product that brings visitors together to celebrate a fundamental part of a museum’s identity – its glorious building.

Two teams explore the museum engaging with exhibits but only one team can win. Illustration: Peter Simon