Adventure Cards

Reinventing the family multimedia guide as a live quiz show for groups to pass and play as they explore the museum.

As part of a large-scale rethink of their onsite digital services, the British Museum team wanted to inject some fun into their family offer.

The game had to provide enough structure to reassure one-time visitors but also support free-form exploration and encourage visitors to interact with the exhibits and each other more than the device itself.

British Museum

Contentful CMS

Creative Director

Inspired by the team dynamics in classic board games such as Trivial Pursuit, Adventure Cards is essentially a deck of fun activities to play at specific exhibits around the museum. Whoever holds the phone is the Quizmaster, deciding the challenge and which players get points.

On-site user testing – via various paper and digital prototypes – was essential in helping the team tackle a complex user experience flow, refine content architecture and prioritise features.

An NFC system allows floor staff to reset devices with a simple swipe. Contentful is the sophisticated CMS underpinning the game, giving museum staff the power to add content over time and curate new Adventures.

In preparation for onsite Alpha testing