Right then, time to unleash some fury at Britain’s financial institutions.

They pay themselves multi-million pound bonuses, go bust and our taxes are used to bail them out. All in all – a nasty bunch.

In many ways this post is self-serving and self-interested but, whatever my motivation, the point remains that our banks are evil. It’s as simple as that.

I was allocated tickets to the Fifa World Cup in Brazil.

One for my Dad, Dougal Templeton, one for my brother, Joe Bush, and one for myself. When Fifa attempted to take payment, Barclays, fearing fraud and hoping to mitigate their losses, cancelled the transfer. The next day Fifa tried to take payment again and Barclays cancelled it a second time.

We lost out on the tickets. We won’t be going to Brazil because Barclays have some shitty small print that stops me spending my own money so they don’t have to pay out in the event of genuine fraud.

Barclays sponsor the Premier League with the most cynical, hypocritical and patronising hashtag #YouAreFootball I’m positive I’m not the only one to have been stitched up by their pre-emptive fraud prevention policies. They have ruined my family’s World Cup Dream by cancelling payment for tickets I was lucky enough to be allocated, and all this to protect their own asses, not mine.

Please please visit my Twitter page and RT any of my tweets to Barclays about them being bastards. Unleash your fury! Tweet them with your own gripes. Let them no this is not acceptable!

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